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Co-Washing Hair — How to Co-Wash Hair

Co-Washing Hair How To

Learn how to co-wash your hair

Co-washing hair has become an important part of many people’s lives. Co-washing your hair means to clean your hair and scalp with a rinse-out conditioner instead of traditional shampoo. There are several reasons this technique is beneficial. The most important is that traditional shampoos strip away natural oils in your hair, which can lead to hair that is dry, frizzy, or brittle. To co-wash your hair properly follow these steps:

Co-Washing Your Hair

1. Find a rinse-out conditioner that is suited for your hair. There are many different types of hair and a large number of rinse-out conditioners on the market that you can use for co-washing. You should try to find a conditioner that makes your hair feel good. Not all products work for all hair types, and even highly advertised conditioners may not get the job done. More expensive treatments are not always the right ones for your hair.
2. When you have found the co-washing conditioner that is best for you, begin co-washing by using warm water and thoroughly rinsing hour for about two minutes. Feel the water with your hand before you begin rinsing your hair as water that is too hot can damage your hair, whereas cold water will not properly wash your hair and scalp.
3. Pour a small amount of conditioner into your hand and start by applying it to a small portion of your hair. Do this until it has completely reached your scalp. Once this is done then apply conditioner to the rest of your hair, from root to tip. A useful tip to go along with this step would be to detangle your hair while applying the conditioner to get rid of tangles in your hair quickly.
4. After you have done this the steam of the shower help the conditioner soak into your hair thoroughly. You should do this for between five and seven minutes for optimal results.
5. After you have let the conditioner settle into your hair with aid of the steam for the allotted time rinse your hair out completely.
If you follow these steps you will be able to co-wash your hair quickly and easily. The benefits are tremendous to your hair when you co-wash it. Your hair is not only left softer. It is also left in a healthier state. The natural oils in your hair to keep it soft is still there. It also detangles hair quickly and allows you to maintain a manageable hair style.

There are also some other things you can do when co-washing your hair to ensure you have the healthiest hair possible. Using an old t-shirt to dry your hair after you have conditioned and rinsed it is a good idea. This is useful because towels can do a number on your hair. They can snag against fragile curves and can cause your hair to frizz up. That is not a good day for any woman. Another tip is to apply your favorite hair products while your hair is still wet. They may work in ways that differ normally or better from how you usually apply these products. If you are adventurous with the types of hairstyles you want to try, this idea would be perfect for you to try.

Another good idea is to lock moisture in your hair. This is beneficial because it keeps your hair healthier for a longer period of time. Using products that seal moisture into your hair are quick and easy to use. There are many good, reasonably priced products for sealing moisture into your hair. This can increase the shine of your hair and may allow you to do more with your hair then you could before. It also makes maintenance of your hair a bit easier because moisture cannot as easily be lost. These products can prevent flat or dry hair from happening at all. That is a blessing itself in that you do not have to look in a mirror as frequently. You can have more confidence in your looks and go about your business.

Co-washing is a great idea that has become tremendously popular among a wide variety of women. It is all natural, and keeps your hair much healthier than traditional shampoos. It also costs less to maintain hair using this method.

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