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Co-Washing and Clarifying Shampoo — How to Use

Clarifying shampoo and Co-Washing
Clarifying shampoo and Co-Washingemurray / Water Photos / CC BY-NC-SA

A co-washer would typically stays from shampoo products. Most are afraid that the chemicals in the products will strip the hair of its natural moisture and color. This is true if you shampoo your hair daily. However, you only need to wash with a clarifying shampoo every so often to prevent buildup. These types of shampoos can be beneficial for thoroughly washing the hair and scalp. There are a few instances when you will need to use a clarifying wash or shampoo. The clarifying shampoo will keep both the hair and the scalp healthy and balanced.

When a Co-Washer Experiences Build-Up

It’s normal to experience build up when you co-wash your hair. There are two different signs of build up: white residue and dry hair. White residue can occur on the scalp or the temple and forehead area. It can also appear on your brush or your flat iron. This residue won’t appear until immediately after you rinse your hair in the shower. A sign of white residue means that you have not effectively washed and cleansed your hair. Use a clarifying shampoo to ensure that your hair is thoroughly clean. Most wash their hair once a month with a clarifying shampoo to prevent build up.

Another sign of build up is dry hair. Your hair will get drier with time and will no longer to respond to conditioners. Some people believe that the products are no longer working for their hair. This is partly true. This type of build up happens when you wash one week with shampoo and conditioner, and co-wash during the midweek. Suddenly, you find yourself co-washing every other day for your hair to feel conditioned. A clarifying shampoo can help remove your hair of buildup and bring it back to its natural conditioned state.

When a Co-Washer Relies on Co-Washing Only

You may be the type of person that loves to use styling products. If you co-wash every other day or once a week, those styling products will build up on your hair and scalp. Styling products like gels, oils, and moisturizers will form white particles on your scalp and the strands of your hair. You may notice that whenever you brush or comb your hair. You should use a clarifying shampoo every time you experience buildup. You can also use it every so often to prevent buildup from happening.

When a Co-Washer is Heavily Into Oils

Co-washers that frequently use heavy oils will find that mild sulfate-free and silicone-free shampoos won’t be enough to cleanse their hair. There also those who love to use argan oil, shea butter oil, olive oil, and other heavy oils on their hair. They may use these oils to do regular oil rinses or hot oil treatments. This can cause heavy buildup, as well. Co-washers have the option to skip the conditioner during those times they use oils. If that’s not an option, then a clarifying shampoo will help produce less buildup.

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